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Williamsburg Steakhouse Guide: How To Get Those Charred Edges

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Everyone has a preference of how they like their steak, but I know of one steak house that makes sure the edges have a unique charring. Getting that effect at home might seem difficult, maybe even a little tedious,but here is something to try if that is what you are looking for.

Steakhouse Tips For Charred Edges

I pulled this from a steakhouse playbook in Oklahoma. This is for the home chef of course. The steakhouse recommends putting the steak in the freezer for 45 minutes before cooking. Then place it directly on the rack. This will dry up any moisture around the meat.

how to cook like a williamsburg steakhouse

After this go right to the pan for searing. The removal of moisture combined with the high degree searing should give you the desired effect. Naturally there are a number of other factors to keep in mind as well but this technique might just help you achieve those crispy edges you are craving at home.

This is by no means the only way to achieve this end. I have a seen a number of steakhouse chef tricks that have manifested a similar result. One chef used a seasoning blend that when cooked, created crispy edges.

Crispy Steak Edges From The Pan

williamsburg va steakhouse and ways to cook better steak

Sometimes seeing a great steak being made is worth a thousand words. I saw this great clip on Youtube. Chef Keoni shows how he uses the steak fat, heat, and butter to help work up a charred crispy crust on the steak. You can see this clip at the bottom of this article.

Don’t Forget The Williamsburg Steakhouse Basics

Charred edges, while tasty, should not be the only consideration to creating a great steak at home in Williamsburg. Don’t forget that the cut of meat, dry aging, marbling, searing, seasoning, and more are critical elements to producing a steakhouse worthy steak.

Leave The Cooking to Our Williamsburg Steakhouse

Fireside Steakhouse in Williamsburg, Virginia are experts in preparing the best steak. Let our attention to detail help you enjoy a great steak without hours of prep work, cooking or guesswork.

the best williamsburg va steakhouse

More Williamsburg Steakhouse Tips:

We have more articles on the different aspects of cooking a steak like a steakhouse. Check out these for more information on what goes into making that steak you are enjoying in Williamsburg so delicious.


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Great Steak..And Smoke

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I constantly search for steakhouse and steak grilling recipes. Not because the ones I use aren’t delicious, it is always neat to try different methods other grill masters and chefs have used to flavor their steak. At the end of the day, whatever method you used to cook should be about flavor.

Flavor with meats, steaks, and chops can come from an array of sources. We have gone over many of them in this blog. They include temperature, variations in heat during cooking, marinades, prime beef, types of beef, marbling, dry aging, and more. One area where you can also add flavor is smoke.

A steakhouse generally does not depend on smoke because the cut of meat is the highest quality and the method involves locking in those juices and marbling by searing it on high heat. This is great if you have a commercial oven that can get up to a thousand degrees. Unfortunately, this may not be practical.

smoke flavor and great steak in williamsburg
Grilling at home in Williamsburg, Virginia or Beyond

You may find yourself at a backyard cookout, using un-aged choice burgers that come from the sirloin with little marinade or marbling. Your only allies? Your grill and the miracle of smoke, or more specifically the flavor of letting smoke seep into a steak or cut of beef.

Different woods carry an aroma. When put on the grill and allowed to give off their scent, they impart this flavor into the food. The smoke becomes a layer of taste adding to the meat. It is an aroma that is heavenly and can take average meat and make it pretty spectacular. (add the right marinade with the right smoke and it will be out of this world)

A few thoughts on Smoking meat or adding smoke flavor to meat on the grill

Smoke isn’t like a sauce. You cannot just dump it for instant flavor. Smoke is the byproduct of time. You have to let the smoke from the wood to slowly marinate in the food. More specifically, the smoke vapors permeate the meat. Though slow, the attention to this key detail will pay off.

Different Types Of Wood For Your Steak

Not all woods are created equal either. Some impart a stronger flavor than others. This is something you want to consider when grilling or smoking beef. Three really good woods for beef are:

  • Mesquite
  • Hickory
  • Oak

These give a strong flavor for something complex like steak. They are potent which is a good match for steaks, sirloins, and burgers on the grill.

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Pairing the right wine at the steakhouse

Best Williamsburg Steakhouse




Steak And The Right Wine Pairing In Williamsburg

March 5, 2017Read More

As a Williamsburg steakhouse serving the finest cuts of steak in Colonial Williamsburg and the general Williamsburg Virginia area, one of the biggest questions that comes up is what is the best wine to pair with our gourmet steak and prime rib. And it is the perfect question to ask that Virginia has some of the finest wines that you can get anywhere. Many of which have won awards. Regardless you still want to make sure the wine flavor complements the steak you have ordered. Change the fact that ones go better with certain types of dishes or steaks prime rib etc.

wine steak pairing Williamsburg VirginiaA Simple Williamsburg Steak Restaurant Wine Pairing Trick

Naturally the ultimate way to pair steak in Williamsburg would be to have a Sommelier with you. That is not always practical, though there are some great ones. LIkewise here is a very crude but simple to you pair wine with red meat while you are here in the Colonial of America. It is not precise but represents a simple to use as a guideline.

Red Meat, Steak, Filets,Prime Rib, Ribeyes,And Other Cuts Of Meat Are Hearty Foods

No shock here but steaks, filets, ribeyes, and other cuts of red meat are very hearty. The wine has to be robust enough to counter this heartiness. Thus an appropriate choice is going to come from the red family. Now, the of the steak will determine how robust the red should be. Here is a baseline to:

  • Lean steak with little or no marbling: Choose a lighter red wine
    • A good example of this would be a sirloin that is lower fat than other cuts.
  • Heavily marbled steak: Choose a heavier richer red wine
    • A good example would be Prime Rib or a Rib Eye

One final Caveat: At A Premium Williamsburg Steakhouse Like Fireside Chophouse..err on the side of the robust with our steak

Many of our most popular cuts of meat are Prime steak that is heavily marbled. You are going to need a sophisticated red wine to that flavor(oh and what a flavor it is). are a few that come to mind as possible choices:

  • Malbec
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot
  • Burgundy

wine_with_steak_williamsburg_virginiaOr Leave The Wine Pairing To Us

Not sure ask us at Fireside Chophouse. We have had over 50 years of preparing the finest quality beef, pairing it with the finest quality drinks and wine and we will do the same for you when you come us anytime. After multiple decades you get very good at knowing what is the best parent with the best meat. It is an art form good wind really enhance that flavor. Conversely a bad wine could hurt the flavor of the meat that’s not what you want you’re there to enjoy a delicious perfectly meal at her in terms of flavor.

No you don’t just have to get red meat to get a great wine pairing. We also have chicken, crab legs, and other dishes. And we those two with a white or red wine as. Just askCrude but simple system. Not precise but a good rule of thumb

For a Williamsburg Steak think bold red.

For a delicious Williamsburg steak and one of the finest most experienced Williamsburg steak houses come us at the fireside chophouse on Richmond Road. We have more experience any chain or any other restaurant tour and preparing great beef.

Williamsburg Steakhouse 101: To Sauce Or Not To Sauce

February 10, 2017Read More

Any Williamsburg Steakhouse will tell you, Fireside included, that great steak should not be anywhere near a sauce. In fact any williamsburg_steakhousesteakhouse will probably tell you that steak has the flavor marbled in, grilled in, and slow cooked in by chefs who specialize in steak. Many tourists and locals in Williamsburg Virginia would agree when they are searching for best steakhouse in Williamsburg on their Iphone or steak Williamsburg on their Ipads. When we think of steak, most imagine a deep aroma, not sauce.

Nevertheless Sauce Is In The Steakhouse Equation

Sauces do play a part in many people’s steak experience. For most their are 3 go to stalwarts you have probably heard of:

  • Ketchup
  • A1
  • Heinz 57

All have a distinct flavor which will quickly mask the flavor of any steak. Many of our patrons would not even think about sauce at our Richmond Road Dining Room, as we start with the best Prime Beef. But some just like that sauce flavor with their steak.

And when not at Firesihomemade_steak_saucede

Most Likely the quality of meat available in a grocery store isn’t as good as a steakhouse you find here on your visit to Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens,or just a night out of the kitchen. Thus a sauce might be a good quick additive to your burger or sirloin since you cannot cook it as slowly as a steakhouse oven.

Simple Sauces You Can Use

If you need a sauce here are some simple steak sauce ideas you can whip up easy for hamburgers, sirloins, or other grilling delights.

Everything near the kitchen sink

The First one is pulled from Real Simple magazine. It involves a mixture of ketchup, Worcester sauce, brown sugar, hot pepper, cider vinegar and mustard. It kind of takes the kitchen sink approach combining sauces you most likely have around the house.

Flammable 90 proof steak sauce

Martha Stewart has a sauce which combines three types of alcohol with butter or cream cheese

Balsamic Vinegar

The Food Network offers a recipe that uses balsamic vinger with ketchup, honey, worcester sauce and other ingredients to create a savory yet simple sauce

Link for the actual sauce recipes listed above

Tried and true steak sauces

You can always fall back on good old fashioned Worcester sauce or soy sauce as simple flavor agents. There are also scores of special sauces and recipes in the grocery store based upon other successful recipes

Great Steak With Or Without Sauce

I know what you are thinking, enough with the sauce talk..where in Williamsburg can I go steak sauce free with confidence. Funny you should ask. Fireside Chophouse will provide you with the sauces you want but the flavor of our meat does not require sauce, so unless you just like it, you can enjoy the taste of great steak.

The Best Steakhouse in Williamsburg, sauce optional

Come visit our steakhouse on Richmond road in Williamsburg, VA

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