Expert Wine Pairings for Fireside Chophouse’s Signature Dishes

At Fireside Chophouse, we take great pride in our wine program curated by our knowledgeable sommelier Anna. Every bottle is specially selected to complement our menu of premium steaks, seafood, and chops. In this blog, Anna shares ideal wine pairings for some of our most popular dishes along with tips on what makes these combinations work so flawlessly.

Pairing with Our 28-Day Dry Aged Ribeye

Our 28-day dry aged ribeye is intensely marbled and rich. “With a cut this bold, you need an equally full-bodied red,” says Anna. Her top pick is a 2015 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. “The concentrated dark fruit flavors of blackberry and plum in the Cab pair beautifully with the fatty, juicy ribeye.” The wine’s firm tannins also cut through the steak’s richness. For an extra layer of flavor, Anna suggests searing the steak with our signature espresso-chili spice rub.

Complementing the Texture of the Seared Scallops

Our jumbo scallops are a customer favorite, with a caramelized crust and buttery interior. Anna’s pairing features a rich, oaky 2015 Chardonnay from Sonoma Coast. “The wine’s lush mouthfeel mirrors the scallops’ texture perfectly. Notes of toasted oak and butter in the Chardonnay also mirror the sear on the scallops.” For contrast, the briny pop of fresh scallops balances out the wine’s oakiness.

Matching the Spices in our Lamb Chops

Our racks of lamb deliver aromatic spices like cumin, coriander, and cinnamon. “Those warming spices need a wine that can stand up to their intensity,” Anna advises. Her top pairing is a 2018 Rioja Reserva from Spain. With smooth tannins and ripe red fruit, it complements thelamb’s flavor profile. The Tempranillo grape also offers earthiness to matchthe lamb’s richness.

Next time you dine with us, ask Anna for her spot-on wine recommendations. She loves helping guests discover perfect pairings for a memorable food and wine experience. Cheers!