Williamsburg Steakhouse 101: To Sauce Or Not To Sauce

February, 2017 · By fireside

Any Williamsburg Steakhouse will tell you, Fireside included, that great steak should not be anywhere near a sauce. In fact any williamsburg_steakhousesteakhouse will probably tell you that steak has the flavor marbled in, grilled in, and slow cooked in by chefs who specialize in steak. Many tourists and locals in Williamsburg Virginia would agree when they are searching for best steakhouse in Williamsburg on their Iphone or steak Williamsburg on their Ipads. When we think of steak, most imagine a deep aroma, not sauce.

Nevertheless Sauce Is In The Steakhouse Equation

Sauces do play a part in many people’s steak experience. For most their are 3 go to stalwarts you have probably heard of:

  • Ketchup
  • A1
  • Heinz 57

All have a distinct flavor which will quickly mask the flavor of any steak. Many of our patrons would not even think about sauce at our Richmond Road Dining Room, as we start with the best Prime Beef. But some just like that sauce flavor with their steak.

And when not at Firesihomemade_steak_saucede

Most Likely the quality of meat available in a grocery store isn’t as good as a steakhouse you find here on your visit to Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens,or just a night out of the kitchen. Thus a sauce might be a good quick additive to your burger or sirloin since you cannot cook it as slowly as a steakhouse oven.

Simple Sauces You Can Use

If you need a sauce here are some simple steak sauce ideas you can whip up easy for hamburgers, sirloins, or other grilling delights.

Everything near the kitchen sink

The First one is pulled from Real Simple magazine. It involves a mixture of ketchup, Worcester sauce, brown sugar, hot pepper, cider vinegar and mustard. It kind of takes the kitchen sink approach combining sauces you most likely have around the house.

Flammable 90 proof steak sauce

Martha Stewart has a sauce which combines three types of alcohol with butter or cream cheese

Balsamic Vinegar

The Food Network offers a recipe that uses balsamic vinger with ketchup, honey, worcester sauce and other ingredients to create a savory yet simple sauce

Link for the actual sauce recipes listed above

Tried and true steak sauces

You can always fall back on good old fashioned Worcester sauce or soy sauce as simple flavor agents. There are also scores of special sauces and recipes in the grocery store based upon other successful recipes

Great Steak With Or Without Sauce

I know what you are thinking, enough with the sauce talk..where in Williamsburg can I go steak sauce free with confidence. Funny you should ask. Fireside Chophouse will provide you with the sauces you want but the flavor of our meat does not require sauce, so unless you just like it, you can enjoy the taste of great steak.

The Best Steakhouse in Williamsburg, sauce optional

Come visit our steakhouse on Richmond road in Williamsburg, VA

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