The Ultimate Williamsburg Steakhouse

June, 2016 · By fireside

 family_steakhouse_williamsburgYour on vacation in Williamsburg and your looking for that incredible steakhouse to top off your day of non stop sights and sounds. After traveling through six countries at Busch Gardens or interacting with the living history at Colonial Williamsburg its time for a visit to a top notch steakhouse.

Making That Ultimate Steak in Williamsburg

As a top notch steakhouse (and purveyor of incredible prime rib) I have heard of many formulas to grill the juiciest, most delicious cut of meat possible. While I cannot ever give away the Fireside Steakhouse’s formula for an incredible piece of steak, I can show you some of the techniques of gourmet steakhouses.

Steakhouse Basics

Any great steakhouse, whether in Williamsburg Virginia, or in the greater United States, will tell you the basics of a great steak is the quality and cut of meat. Starting with best cut of the best beef is the foundation for that steak you cannot wait to bite into.  On top of that, the cut of beef, or specific portions of that meat, will give you the best steak in terms of taste.


The Best Beef

This steak needs no words. Sizzling and juicy with perfect grill marks, come visit us at Fireside Chophouse for the ultimate steak or prime rib. Come visit us in Williamsburg and make sure you eat light that day, your going to need the space.

Prime Time

The USDA has a grading system. The top 2% of all beef gets the label of prime. This is the most expensive and the most sought after.

Fat Marbling

Fat Marbling is generally not a good thing…except when it comes to steak. In this case its the standard by which all other wanna be steaks hope to attain. Great steaks that are considered prime have a generous amount of fat speckled through the meat. Without this, the flavor will be lacking.

Dry Aged

The heavily marbled beef must be dry aged for a number of days. The flavor and aroma that you know as a “great steak” depends on this process. If done properly, time is your friend with dry aged steak. It helps the steak become more tender.

The Best Cuts of Beef

Now take that dry aged marbled steak and get ready to pull out the best, most flavorful part. This is not to say that other parts cuts of beef are not good, these are just the best. The cuts of beef that fit this bill are:steak_in colonial_williamsburg

  • Filet Mignon
  • T Bone
  • Ribeye
  • Porterhouse
  • Tenderloin
  • Prime Rib

This is just step one

There is a lot more than just selecting the best grade and cut of beef. A great steak must be seasoned and cooked properly to ensure that it is mouth watering. Luckily Fireside Chophouse has that covered. We carry the best cuts of meat and are just waiting for you to come visit.

Check out our menu and come enjoy an incredible steak for yourself!!