The Steakhouse And Your House

May, 2017 · By fireside

steakhouse locationSteakhouse And Your House: Prepping Steak At Home

It has been brought to my attention that you will to not be able to enjoy every steak you ever have at our Steakhouse Restaurant. In fact many steaks you may have won’t be at a steakhouse at all. Even if you live here in Williamsburg you are going to come across two things that corroborate this:

  • You will not always have a cut of steak like we have here
  • You do not live in a steakhouse and do not have the same equipment

steakhouse ratingSteakhouse Ovens

No harm there, steakhouses have giant ovens that fire up to over 1000 degrees.This is would be dangerously impractical for your kitchen at home and it probably wouldn’t fit anyway. So I will pull different tips to help you cook multiple methods using multiple sauces and multiple types of beef. I will try to do a comparison of how the dish compares to the steakhouse type cooking methods I have talked about frequently.

Here are some basics I read from bon appetit magazine for the home preparation of steak.

Prepping the steak at your personal “steakhouse”

I will confess I like an occasional grilled burger or chicken on the grill. The grill does impart flavor and allows you subtle flavors. A large number of your home steakhouse experiences will involve the grill, though not all. Here are some basic preparation tips for the meat..

Take your time

Let the meat rise to room temperature when you remove it from the refrigerator.

Size matters

The nature of your steak, very much like at a steakhouse restaurant, will affect how long and how you should cook it. Thicker marbled steaks will take longer than thin lean steaks. A great way to know if you are overcooking is a digital meat thermometer.

Salt n Pepa

Season the meat with salt and pepper before cooking.

2 is better than one

As a general rule the steakhouse way of searing at high temperature and then cooking slowly once the meat is seared will translate to a grill or a pan. Make sure to use a two burner gas grill, one burner on high heat the other on low. No this will not be like a steakhouse exactly but it is a good method to try and sear in juices in the meat.

More Tips From Fireside Chophouse Steakhouse

These are by no means every tip. These are just a starting point. In the meantime check out our other articles on steakhouse methods, selecting the right cut of steak, as well as overall direction for its preparation.

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