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April, 2017 · By fireside

Steakhouse Tips: Eating Healthy At the Steakhouse

I never thought I would actually write about healthy eating at a steakhouse or best steak restaurant williamsburg virginiasteak place but I saw a good article about the healthy way to eat steak when you are out. I have listed the link at the bottom of the article. The article was great and dead on. If you are looking for lean healthy steak cooked to its perfection potential, we have a great sirloin which is tasty. Also there are a few other things you will have to substitute or not have to meet the “healthy steakhouse” criteria:

  • Skip the potatoes and enjoy our salad (garden of course)
  • Avoid the sauces if you can resist our creamy peppercorn Bearnaise steak sauce
  • Skip the appetizer

And while we are at it I might as well throw in a few libations. Skip the beer, the dessert, the ribeye, tbone etc.

If you have to do this for health, Kudos, but a steakhouse is about FLAVOR williamsburg_steakhouseand lots of it through cooking techniques and quality beef. Yes you will enjoy your sirloin but your going to be sitting around a table with people eating the most flavorful Porterhouses and Ribeyes you can imagine on a steak menu.

But to each their own. Here is the link to the article

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