Williamsburg Halloween Thrills

October, 2016 · By fireside

haunted_willliamsburg_virginiaScary Halloween In Williamsburg Virginia

Sometimes you just cannot get enough thrills on your Williamsburg Halloween visit. Regardless of your heart stopping visit to Howl O Scream, the chills running up your spine from the Ghost Tour on Duke of Gloucester street, you want to push the envelope. Well now you can.

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation is renting haunted rooms to allow you to experience real fear firsthand. With dozens of buildings from the time period, venture in for an unforgettable night in verified haunted edifices of a long gone era.

Some of the hauntings that have been witnessed in these buildings include:

  • Patrons claim to have seen a women in period costume in a rocking chair
  • Some have seen the ghostly visage of a soldier
  • Some have seen a women bathing(creepy and inappropriate)
  • Some have found their furniture upside down or mis-placed
  • Some feel cold spots…everywhere
  • Some smell weird things like pipe tobacco
  • Some hear baby cries, others the speech of children
  • Many hear voices

This is not for the faint of heart but hats off to the people brave enough to do this. You will need nerves of steel.

And that is just the ones people talked about. I have heard, in other areas, where people staying in haunted hotels ran out in the middle of the night screaming. Something tells me many of those stories do not get written down.

haunted_williamsburgI also don’t know the refund policy but I would assume there isn’t one since a lot of people will check out when they feel a gust of cold air and goose pimples all down their spine.

Here are some links to some real ghost stories in Williamsburg where the ghosts are said to still haunt us

This link will take you to a listing of the scariest true hauntings in Williamsburg. The history surrounding the hauntings run the gamut from adulterous intrigue to ghost children causing mischief.

Haunted Ghost love affair

jealous ghost in Williamsburg

More Williamsburg Hauntings


You can also add Colonial Williamsburg’s Halloween Scare Celebration to your Halloween weekend as well. CWF is hosting Curse of The Sea Witch, a fictional, or historically fictional, haunting by some newly departed pirates who “head” back to exact their post mortem justice on Williamsburg, Virginia and the Colonial society that executed them.

The unleashing occurs because the sea witches steals Blackbeard’s head and use their magic to unleash the ghostly crew.

I think, or something like that. Check the link for more information


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