Tips For Enjoying A Romantic Evening Out In Williamsburg, VA

When you’re planning a romantic evening out in Williamsburg, you need to pull out all the stops. Fortunately, we know an easy way to do that: Take your date out to dinner at Fireside Chophouse, the most romantic fine dining restaurant in the area! With sizzling steaks and seafood, a world-class wine list, and an intimate atmosphere, Fireside is the perfect setting for sparks to fly.

At Fireside, we specialize in two of the most romantic foods imaginable: steak and seafood. You two won’t have any trouble finding your favorite cut of meat on our menu, from the tenderest filet to the juiciest ribeye. For extra intimacy on this date night, we recommend sharing our Porterhouse! If you’d rather savor succulent seafood together, we have plenty of dishes on our menu that will strike your fancy. No matter which entrée you choose, make sure you and your date order some of our Signature Sides. They’ll complete your meal just like you two complete each other!

On a romantic evening out, we encourage you to splurge a little. Instead of ordering wines by the glass, choose a bottle of wine to share between the two of you. The wine list at Fireside is handpicked from around the world, so we’re bound to have your perfect pour available

For a romantic evening out like no other, you simply can’t beat Fireside. Call and reserve a table today for a perfect date night for you and your partner!