How To Pick Busch Garden’s Scariest Roller Coaster

September, 2016 · By fireside

the_griffon_first_dropWhat is the biggest thrill coaster of Busch Gardens Williamsburg.?For many this is a subjective question but I present you criteria to help you determine it. I don’t know what makes a coaster “the best”…


I mean there is the official statistical stuff like

1.Number of Drops

2.Degree of drops



5.G force


There are also the Busch Gardens Thrill Seeker Categories. I see these as coaster rider personality types. These are:


  • Scream Seeker
  • Coaster Boaster
  • Ground Hound
  • Big Gripper
  • Rush Ranger
  • Junior Looper

These are great. But these are the personality classifications of roller coaster riders. But what about some additional categories to measure these fantastically descriptive thrill classes. I am not knocking this but I want to add a few more categories. Yes–it is true I am not much of an roller coaster thrill junkie but I do have an imagination. So here we go…


Williamsburg Busch Gardens “Special” Coaster Categories


Scare factor

This is really a before the ride category. When you look at the coaster or hear the screams of patrons does it send a chill down your spine. Are the passerby guests watching looking pasty with fear. Do the people in the waiting line look a little distressed.


Scream worthy

How loud are the screams. You know all those rides that take your picture during the ride followed by your picture as you lead the ride. Well let us add one more. How about a display that shows how loud the screams were on the ride when you were on it. Or how about a sensor that turns red next to the passenger who is really letting it rip. Then we could really see how scream worthy a coaster is.


First drop anticipation anxiety

This is critical to the fear fun factor of a coaster. How dramatic is that clunky awkward slow pull to the top of the first drop. What causes the most anxiety.


First drop shock

Who has the biggest impact on the first drop. You know that feeling when you look down and see nothing but air. That moment when you think maybe this wasn’t such a good idea but it is too late as you drop to your doom.


Post ride weariness

No mystery here. One time I got off a roller coaster and my hair was sticking straight up as a I stumbled off. Probably a pretty intense ride.


2nd drop intensity

What. Yes this should be a category. How many coasters are you on that have a rip roaring terror laden first drop just to be followed by a wimpier 2nd drop. The second drop cannot be as scary as the first but it still should be terrifying. I think the Griffon has this on the second terror drop. You don’t mess with the Griffon.


Bathing suit option (water park)

This one might seem odd but what is scarier than being dropped while in a bathing suit. You just seem more vulnerable. Now I know this category can only work for a waterpark but I have to include it.

Official Thrill Coaster Testing In Williamsburg

We should also have official tests each spring to compare. I don’t mean some little customer service survey on what you thought. I mean forensic scientific data of things like


  • Most sound produced
  • Longest screams
  • Volume of screams
  • Highest body temperature
  • Most off equilibrium post ride

Coaster testers would have biometric equipment hooked up to them from the minute they see the road to the minute they walk off. We would then know the real truth of which coaster is truly most awful scary one at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.


The Mighty Griffon

Vanish point (water park terror ride)