Grill Gadgets?

It is probably not that far a reach, many beef or steak lovers also love grilled flavor. When not visiting The Fireside Steakhouse in Williamsburg, the steak faithful can be found around the backyard grill. There we use smoke and sweat to infuse flavor into steak, burgers, chicken, and anything we can slap on the grate.

So naturally, we have to assume grilling gadgets should pique the interest of grillers everywhere. In American society we have kitchen gadgets can that can flip, slice, dice, bake, test, broil, and more. So why shouldn’t some of this technology transfer to the fiery grated world of the grill master. Why can’t the grill aficionado take this art of manliness to the next level with sensors, buzzers, and things that boggle the imagination?

Prehistoric Inspired Grill Gadgets

Well my search for super grill gadgets did not exactly turn out as I planned. I was a little shocked about the lack of imagination from some of the gadgets. One item was a simple metal box where I could turn my grill into a smoker. Not really that inventive. My father had one of these in the 1970s. Moving on..

Another device was an automatic grill cleaner that scrubs the grill at the touch of a button. Also nice, but not that imaginative. It was basically a spinning brush. I like the manual grill scrape. It is like a rite of passage of grill-manship.

And the mundane did not stop there. One item was a leather apron with pockets. Again, not newsworthy. Unless the goal was to get men to wear more aprons..also somewhat uninspiring. Yet another item was a metal basket for grilling vegetables. Not a special basked with a handle that doesn’t burn you, just a metal basket. Not a special metal created by recycling things destroying the earth or from a needy country, just a metal basket. Again, I am not moved to plunk down my money and order from Amazon.

Dangerous Grill Gadgets. Do Not Use Ever…

Some looked like they could change the world but ultimately appeared downright dangerous. One was an infrared indoor grill that grills your food without smoke. That was my first warning. Smoke is grilling. Smoke is flavor. Then there was another caveat. You could not stare at it or the infrared can do eye damage. So when you grill, you either wear sunglasses or use a reflection. Trading eye damage for smokeless meat doesn’t seem like much of a trade off…next.

The other questionable item was a fold up grill. Great idea except you better let it cool down properly before you:

  • Touch it to close it up
  • Close it up with excess heat

Also-won’t the grill debris pieces go everywhere when you close it up? Next..

Moving Forward.. For The Williamsburg Grill Master

I have not given up on the search for great grill gadgets. I personally say skip all this and have us prepare your steak or burger at the Fireside Chophouse. We will take care of all the cooking and technology. Even better, you save your money, and maybe your safety, by getting to skip the grill gadget world altogether…at least for know.