As I mentioned before our steakhouse in Williamsburg does a number of things to ensure every piece of meat is cooked to perfection. This requires a number of critical steps that ensure every steak at our restaurant is a great one. One of the essential requirements of great steak or beef is marbling. As a refresher marbling is the amount of fat content in the meat. This fat, when exposed to heat melts and releases flavor into the meat. A well marbled piece of meat will have tiny white flecks. While some argue that marbling does not guarantee great steak, I have never seen great steak without it.

Thus I have put together some steakhouse resources via article links to help you know what to look for at any Williamsburg Steakhouse or Steak Restaurant you frequent when you are not in Williamsburg, Virginia. One of those articles that I saw comes from The Spruce Eats and is a great introduction to Marbling.

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Marbling Basics

The article goes into the basics of marbling which include what to look for to know if beef is marbled properly. It also goes into the grading system for steak, which steakhouses use to determine the quality of beef. Additionally the actual diet of the cattle is also a factor. While beef is the product of cattle, it is important to look at what they consumed to know what you are getting. How cattle are fed will heavily determine what level of marbling, and quality a steak will have.

Naturally, some cuts of beef are going to have more marbling. Steaks like the Filet Mignon, Porterhouse, Delmonico, T-bone, and N.Y. Strip are examples of this fattier steak. And the biggest place that the product of marbling shows up is after that first bite of steak at Fireside Steakhouse in Williamsburg, VA.

Here is the link to the original steakhouse marbling article

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More Steakhouse Links On Marbling

Here are some additional links on marbling, a staple of any great Williamsburg Steakhouse:

Steak University’s Take On Marbling

With a name like Steak University, you couldn’t keep me away. I saw another great article on the subject of marbling. Steak University goes into even more detail on marbling and the impact it has on everything from flavor to how tender the steak is. Definitely worth a read.

Steakhouse Marbling Video

I saw a great video on the basics of marbling.

Video on Marbling Basics For Steak

The Steakhouse Test In Williamsburg Virginia

Take it a step further and come enjoy the product of marbling for yourself at Fireside Steakhouse. We have over 50 years experience in making sure that your steak is well marbled. When you take that first bite of filet mignon or prime rib, you will taste the difference too