Why Flounder is the best Gulf Fish to eat right now

Enjoy Gulf Flounder Peak Season 

In Virginia, we can enjoy local seafood pretty much any time during the year. Among the many types of fish in the Atlantic, such as grouper, redfish, snapper and tuna, grouper is a lean, moist fish with mild flavor, firm texture and large flakes. Gulf flounder are flatfish that are compressed laterally, and they spend much of their time lying on the bottom. Their two eyes look upward when swimming near the bottom, on their side. Peak season for Gulf Flounder is between July and November, the ideal time to enjoy them is right now, and they are one of the best gulf fish to eat.


gulf flounder best gulf fish to eat deanies seafood.jpgFlounders are bottom-dwelling predators that lie waiting for their prey to swim by, hidden by camouflage. They are able to change the color and pattern of their upper skin to match the gulf floor, much like squid and octopus do, and also can use their fins to cover themselves with sand, sediment, and debris. These tactics along with their flat shape allow them to become practically invisible, which helps them trap their prey. It is found in a variety of habitats, from seagrass and coastal lagoons to limestone ledges.

(photo of Gulf Flounder from University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Research Lab)


Flounder grow quickly and have a high tolerance for a wide range of water temperature and salinity. They are a good quality, sustainable option that are a popular restaurant menu item, but not overfished. Seafood producers of Virginia work hard to provide nourishing, fresh product while protecting each species for future generations. Fishery management plans aim to ensure Virginia’s fish stocks are maintained, overfishing is eliminated, and the long-term socioeconomic benefits to the nation are achieved. Gulf flounder and all other seafood harvested in the United States undergo a rigorous management process to ensure the product you eat in your home or restaurant is safe and sustainable.


Fireside Chophouse has a rich history of serving up great-tasting, wild-caught Virginia seafood and supporting sustainable fishing practices. Fireside has offered Virginia shrimp, blue crab, and flounder since we opened our doors.