Why Flame Grilled Steaks Are A 2022 Favorite Food

I’m a steak guy. I love steak. I love red meat. I love to cook it at home. I’ve cooked steaks, burgers, ribs and everything in between for years. Cooking beef might look easy, but it takes practice to get the good stuff. This is why I choose to dine at Fireside Chophouse. They have a fantastic selection of dry-aged beef that is always cooked to perfection over an open flame.

Dry aged beef in a walk-in freezer

The perfect steak is a super-tender steak that has just a little bit of char on the outside. It’s then cooked quickly and then allowed to rest for about ten minutes before carving into thin slices for a juicy and tender bite.

Our open fire grills steak to perfection with our secret blend of herbs, spices and flavor enhancing ingredients such as: fresh garlic, fresh thyme and dried herbs, bacon brine, fresh rosemary and our own special blend of onion salt!

Now that you know why we grill our steaks this way, let’s take them down a notch by talking about some of the other things that go into producing your perfect grilled steak. First of all, at Fireside, we only cook with pure American beef — no imported or processed meats . It’s about quality ingredients that come from our land. So if you want quality steak that is humanely butchered, please be sure that you buy from us . If you don’t buy from us , then I’m sorry but I don’t have any recommendations for where else to buy your meat.

You can tell if the meat has been dry-aged by looking at its color and feel. If it feels too soft or mushy when you press hold of it, chances are that it was not dry-aged sufficiently; it probably should have been dry-aged at least three weeks in order to develop proper flavor.