Williamsburg Steakhouse Guide: How To Get Those Charred Edges

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Everyone has a preference of how they like their steak, but I know of one steak house that makes sure the edges have a unique charring. Getting that effect at home might seem difficult, maybe even a little tedious,but here is something to try if that is what you are looking for.

Steakhouse Tips For Charred Edges

I pulled this from a steakhouse playbook in Oklahoma. This is for the home chef of course. The steakhouse recommends putting the steak in the freezer for 45 minutes before cooking. Then place it directly on the rack. This will dry up any moisture around the meat.

how to cook like a williamsburg steakhouse

After this go right to the pan for searing. The removal of moisture combined with the high degree searing should give you the desired effect. Naturally there are a number of other factors to keep in mind as well but this technique might just help you achieve those crispy edges you are craving at home.

This is by no means the only way to achieve this end. I have a seen a number of steakhouse chef tricks that have manifested a similar result. One chef used a seasoning blend that when cooked, created crispy edges.

Crispy Steak Edges From The Pan

williamsburg va steakhouse and ways to cook better steak

Sometimes seeing a great steak being made is worth a thousand words. I saw this great clip on Youtube. Chef Keoni shows how he uses the steak fat, heat, and butter to help work up a charred crispy crust on the steak. You can see this clip at the bottom of this article.

Don’t Forget The Williamsburg Steakhouse Basics

Charred edges, while tasty, should not be the only consideration to creating a great steak at home in Williamsburg. Don’t forget that the cut of meat, dry aging, marbling, searing, seasoning, and more are critical elements to producing a steakhouse worthy steak.

Leave The Cooking to Our Williamsburg Steakhouse

Fireside Steakhouse in Williamsburg, Virginia are experts in preparing the best steak. Let our attention to detail help you enjoy a great steak without hours of prep work, cooking or guesswork.

the best williamsburg va steakhouse

More Williamsburg Steakhouse Tips:

We have more articles on the different aspects of cooking a steak like a steakhouse. Check out these for more information on what goes into making that steak you are enjoying in Williamsburg so delicious.


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Marbling Is Critical To Great Steak

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There are many people who do not know what steakhouse marbling is. That being said people are always curious on what a steakhouse does, and why the steaks are so good. Part of serving great steak is starting with the right cuts of beef. One factor that HAS to be there in that beef is marbling. Marbling is not just the amount of fat in the meat. It is the distribution of that fat throughout the meat. A well marbled piece of steak has tiny spots or flecks of white fat going throughout it.

Great Steak And Marbling = Moisture

As unappealing as the term fat may sound, it does some important things for that Porterhouse or T-bone you are dining on in Williamsburg. Those tiny pieces of fat serve as moisture regulators. As the steak heats up during cooking, they melt slowly, keeping the meat nice and tender. The fact that the fat is in small quantities spread throughout meat, means the process will be slow and distributed properly. Combine this with a slow cooking time and you are going to get a steak that is tender.

williamsburg virginia steakhouse

A Great Steakhouse Knows Marbling Delivers Flavor

On top of just tenderness, marbled steak delivers an incredible flavor. The fat itself adds flavor to the non adipose portion of the steak. This is why marbled steaks are synonymous with great steakhouses. That incredible aroma is carried by that fat, that is now marinated throughout the steak. It is a flavor you have to taste to really understand.

Check Out More Information On Steak And Marbling

I put together some more information on marbling here. Click over and learn even more about the impact that it has to steaks and steakhouses alike.

great steak in williamsburg va

Come Enjoy A Marbled Piece Of Steak At Our Williamsburg Steakhouse

We know what marbling means to a great steak experience. We have been serving up delectable cuts of meat for over 50 years. Come taste for yourself the difference our experience can make when you want a great steak.

Williamsburg Steakhouse Tips: Let The Steak Sit

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One of the most important steps we take at our Williamsburg Steakhouse is to make sure your ribeye, filet mignon, or porterhouse have to sit after they come away from the heat. You wouldn’t think that would be that big a deal when weighed against all the steps our Williamsburg Steakhouse takes to make sure the steak you order is of the highest quality. But it is.

A Great Steakhouse Is About Details

As I have mentioned many times before, our Williamsburg Steakhouse is about details. A great Williamsburg steakhouse focuses on the craft of serving an incredible steak. This is the product of detail after detail which all have to be completed to ensure you receive the best steak. From selecting the right grade of beef, aging it for flavor, choosing the right cut, making sure the meat is at the proper temperature before cooking, searing the steak at high temperature and then letting it cook slowly to keep it tender, you would think that would be enough to guarantee a great steak. But there is another detail you cannot forget.

Let The Steak Sit After Cooking

With any source of heat going into a piece of food remember that the energy does not instantly leave a piece of food when it is removed from the pan, oven, or grill. The heat transferred into the steak has to dissipate and if it happens to fast, it can mean the flavor of the steak can suffer.

steakhouse williamsburg information

So Why Is Waiting So Important To Steak?

A great steakhouse knows you have to let the steak sit before it goes to our Williamsburg Dining area. When the steak is pulled from the heat, it will continue to cook. Letting the steak sit will allow the heat to slowly dissipate through the steak. If you cut into the meat right after it leaves the heat, a lot of the moisture and tenderness can be gone since the heat will just escape, taking the moisture with it. That means all the work and care that went into to getting you that perfectly seared, perfectly dry aged ribeye or porterhouse was for nothing.

Come Try For Yourself At Our Williamsburg Steakhouse

You would think that after procuring the finest grade of beef, aging it for days, tenderizing it, searing it, and cooking it nice and slow that the steak would be ready to be served. Unfortunately, that is not the case. A great steakhouse chef, whether here in Williamsburg, or anywhere else, knows you need to let the steak rest when it has finished cooking.

What This Means To Us Sitting Down At Fireside Steakhouse In Williamsburg.

There are a couple of ways you can look at this. I have described it very scientifically, showing that the heat transfer has to be accounted for after your porterhouse or filet mignon is done cooking. But what it really comes down to is that your steak at Fireside will be juicier because we make sure not to serve it before the moisture returns to the meat.

Let Our Williamsburg Steakhouse Worry About This For You

Another way to look at it is to not worry about it all. Let Fireside Steakhouse take care of all this for you. We will go through all the steps of preparing a great steak so you will not have to.

Williamsburg Steakhouse Tips: Cooking Steak At The Right Temperature

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To a steakhouse, including our steakhouse in Williamsburg Virginia, the small details make a big difference. Naturally there are times when you are cooking steak at home but you may not always have steakhouse quality beef. Outside of the confines of steakhouses like Fireside, you will also be without an oven that reaches the temperatures necessary to effectively sear gourmet meat. That being said there are things you can do to improve those meals where you are making steak yourself at home or on the grill.

Williamsburg steakhouse cooking steak at the right temperature

Steakhouse Tips

Put in steakhouse tips or steakhouse grilling tips into the Google search box and you will be inundated with results. Steakhouse tip after tip will pop up and offer instructions on just about every element involved with preparing a great steak. Great steak is the culmination of a lot of little details that make a huge difference. One tip you may see very high on the list is the importance of not taking steak right from the refrigerator to the grill.

Steakhouse Tip: Avoid This Steak Mistake

Many steakhouse chefs consider this a major mistake in preparing steak. The rationale behind this is justified. For many non steak chefs it seems like a simple oversight but it can have a detrimental impact on that steak you are about to cook.

I have seen articles that are contrary to this. They say it does not matter, or the impact of the temperature difference between the inner area and outer area of the meat is minuscule. I say why take that chance. Maybe you have one of those refrigerators that is colder than it should be, leaving the inside of that tenderloin much colder than you realize.

Steakhouse Williamsburg Tips

Let The Steak Reach Room Temperature

Be on the safe side and make sure that steak is one consistent temperature before you grill it. You do not want the meat heating up unevenly on the grill. And on the off chance that you miscalculated the difference in the temperature throughout the meat, this is a great fail safe. I think that is why a lot of the steakhouse chefs mention this as a thing to look out for when grilling at home.

Come Visit Our Steakhouse And Don’t Worry About The Temperature At All

You can eliminate worry about meat temperature altogether by letting Fireside do all the work. Come to our Williamsburg Steakhouse for an incredible steak, cooked just the way you like, without any hassle.

williamsburg va steakhouse


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5 Star Steakhouse

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Top Steakhouse According To Trip Advisor

It is one of the highest awards you can win as a steakhouse. When a steakhouse or restaurant, here in Williamsburg, Virginia or any place that receives ALL 5 star reviews in a single month, they get a notification from Trip Advisor about the achievement. So when we received notification that we had accomplished this we had to publish it online. Here is what we received.

All 5 Star Reviews On Trip Advisor For An Entire Month

Well a Thank you to every one who visited our Williamsburg Steakhouse and took the time to say how much you loved it. We appreciate it you noticing how much we care to be the best in everything we do. We do not cut corners and we are elated you noticed. We pulled some of the comments for this perfect month at our steakhouse. Here are some of the highlights:

  • “The food is delicious. The timing of the courses was perfect”
  • “Fireside is a great place for some outstanding beef, seafood and service.”
  • “We came to Fireside Chophouse for a causal night out. Our server Keron was personable and provided excellent service. The food was amazing.”
  • “This place had great food at reasonable prices. It was upscale from the chain restaurants and ready to meet most any request.”
  • “Everything was excellent …. food choices were plentiful, everyone enjoyed their choice … calamari & french onion soup appetizers, crab stuffed shrimp, prime rib, broiled scallops, roasted chicken, strip sirloin, crab cakes, even penne pasta for kids”
  • “Overall our experience here was amazing.”
  • “We had an absolutely WONDERFUL time at Fireside!! Amazing food and service!!!”

Thank you!

Wow. We are floored and grateful for all the kind words. We loved having you and cannot wait for you to return. Whether you are local visiting us on a regular basis or a visitor to Colonial Williamsburg, we strive to give an excellent experience each and every time you visit.

Steakhouse Health Benefits

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steakhouseYou generally do not see a lot of ads by steakhouses or steak restaurants, here in Williamsburg Virginia or otherwise, focusing on advertising the health benefits of a red meat or a steakhouse. Not that great steakhouses don’t offer ultra fresh, nourishing farm to table steaks, seafood, side dishes, and more, but people seem to think that steakhouses are only about indulgent delicious food. My answer to this oversimplification about a great steak restaurant is…

What is wrong with that?

All kidding aside I have read that steak is healthy and is filled with numerous positive health benefits. No I am not saying it is a health food. No there is no steakhouse diet where you can eat steakhouse food 7 days a week. No you should not eat red meat at every meal. Do I wish there WAS a diet like that? Oh Yeah I do. But one can only dream.

What I am saying, based on the article, is there are plenty of good things about that steak or red meat as part of a balanced diet. Some of the benefits of red meat are vitally important to good health and are worth consideration

steakhouse williamsburgHigh in Protein

If you live in America and are from Earth you probably have heard that red meat is very high in protein. And guess what, you are right. Protein at one time was seen as the most important thing to health. Then in the late seventies and eighties protein was viewed as bad and carbs were good as we tried to reduce our cholesterol. Then that changed again.

Now we know we need to eat protein to:

  • Build muscle
  • Regulate appetite
  • Repair tissue
  • Have steady energy
  • Add iron to our body
  • Add zinc to our body

And even though this is not an official health reason a nice piece of meat can keep you from what I call diet hallucinations.. in when all you do is pine for high calorie food and think back to all the great bad food you used to eat. (Just for your reference, this particular pseudo benefit was not in the article).

It is winter 2018. It is a time of New Year’s resolutions, half of which pertain to diets, dieting, exercise, healthy eating and other culinary subjects that seem to resolve around human misery. In this need to be healthy and thin we do not have to completely abandon everything with taste. We should strive for moderation.

In my case maybe choose the Fireside Chophouse Filet Mignon instead of a 48 ounce Porterhouse with a fully loaded potato. Both are good. But a little moderation might help. Good Luck with your health resolutions…see you at Fireside Chophouse for a double ribeye steak, loaded potato with two layers of bacon shoved between the sour cream and cheese, and a demure piece of dessert!



The Health Benefits of Eating Red Meat

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Steak With The Right Beer

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steakhouse_in_williamsburgYour sitting down with that perfect steak. Whether at our Williamsburg steakhouse or at home, you are not going to eat that steak alone. You will have certain sides and of course the right beverage. Naturally you are there to enjoy the flavor of that meat. Whether a charcoal grilled ribeye or a heavily seasoned sirloin, you want things that complement it, not detract from it. A beverage is going to follow every bite, or at least every other bite. Something with a flavor that does not jell with beef is going to taint the taste.

We cannot let that happen

Pairing the right beer with the right cut of steak is not rocket science, but it is important. Naturally though, it all comes down to what you like in your steak beer flavor duo. The focus should be on balancing the flavor of the steak. This in mind, there are some things to consider.

Steak Is Bursting With..

Steak, especially great steak like that served here at our steakhouse in Williamsburg, is very hearty. Steak is thick and rich in flavor. The fibrous nature of steaks absorbs flavor like a sponge absorbs water. Smoke, salt, butter, oil, seasoning, and fats are all weaving a dense fabric of potent flavor. There is no light, non-filling, or dainty food here and..No wimpy beer is going to penetrate the flavor of  steak.

You Had “Bitter” Balance The Taste Of That Steak

A school of thought was to go with a beer that had some bitterness. A beer with strong flavor like a porter or dark ale might be the go to beer. These darker beers help to balance out the heavily fat nature of the steak. This would be especially true in a more marbled piece of meat like a porterhouse or ribeye.

beer and steak

Your Steak Palette

Regardless it comes down to what you like. I have seen plenty of people who will order a type of beer with anything..and be happy.

Steak Domination.. Not A Bad Thing

Another thing to consider is that the star of the steakhouse meal is STEAK. You are not going to subjugate that taste and you wouldn’t want to. It is a heavy dish with massive amounts of flavor.

Back To The Steakhouse

So when you are looking for a great steak come visit us at the Fireside Chophouse. You can pair it with wine, beer, or anything you want. Check out our menu


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Steakhouse: Beefsteak Banquets

June 12, 2017Read More

The steakhouse, like Colonial Williamsburg, is part of American history. I mean this literally, as both places have roots in the Old World Of Europe. The steakhouse as we know it, including our Williamsburg Steakhouse Restaurant, are part of a cultural phenomenon that is indigenous to America. Many things have converged to define the modern steakhouse, but one historical anchor of note are the beefsteak banquets.

One of the origins of the steakhouse..Beefsteak Banquet

Until I began writing this article, I had never heard of a beefsteak banquet, let alone connected it as one of the origin points of the modern American Steakhouse. Instantly though, I was intrigued by a beefsteak banquet. It sounded suspiciously like a steak banquet, and all I can say to that is…sign me up.

Thousands of pounds of Steakbeefsteak banquets

Beefsteak Banquets were 18th century political rally and fundraiser food blowouts. And the guest of honor, besides the candidate, was STEAK. These food blowouts featured an all you can eat meat fest garnered with beer. I read that thousands, yes thousands of pounds of steak and hamburger were consumed at these. I do not need to be a history major to know that steak was a coveted item that drew Americans in.

Is Steak Finger Food?

Well these beefsteak banquets served small slices of quality beef that were meant to be eaten with your hands. Sort of like an ultra rugged appetizer for the working class man of the North. Some would scowl at this as not proper, but I think it is just one more way to enjoy it. The smaller slices of beef are thinner than a thick Fireside steak so you really do not need the utensils.

They chose steaksteakhouse history

I mean they could have chosen a seafood banquet, beer banquet, or the like. They chose steak and beef. To be honest, if I were alive at the time period you couldn’t keep me away from one of these, whether I like the candidate or not. I wish they would bring this tradition back. In fact they kind of have. I guess today this would be a cookout for the candidate. The only thing more intriguing about this is that the focus is around the beef, not just a cookout with multiple meats and sides.

Other Names

I have seen these small slices of beef in different forms on different menus and as part of different cooking styles. I have seen them served at wedding banquets on a roll. I have seen some restaurants feature these as the main course calling them beef tenderloins or beef tornadoes.

Fireside Chophouse Steak….

As one of Williamsburg’s Oldest Steakhouses, come join us for your own personal “beefsteak banquet.” Granted you will order one high quality steak, but the spirit of this American tradition is present in this iconic restaurant style.

The Steakhouse And Your House

May 16, 2017Read More

steakhouse locationSteakhouse And Your House: Prepping Steak At Home

It has been brought to my attention that you will to not be able to enjoy every steak you ever have at our Steakhouse Restaurant. In fact many steaks you may have won’t be at a steakhouse at all. Even if you live here in Williamsburg you are going to come across two things that corroborate this:

  • You will not always have a cut of steak like we have here
  • You do not live in a steakhouse and do not have the same equipment

steakhouse ratingSteakhouse Ovens

No harm there, steakhouses have giant ovens that fire up to over 1000 degrees.This is would be dangerously impractical for your kitchen at home and it probably wouldn’t fit anyway. So I will pull different tips to help you cook multiple methods using multiple sauces and multiple types of beef. I will try to do a comparison of how the dish compares to the steakhouse type cooking methods I have talked about frequently.

Here are some basics I read from bon appetit magazine for the home preparation of steak.

Prepping the steak at your personal “steakhouse”

I will confess I like an occasional grilled burger or chicken on the grill. The grill does impart flavor and allows you subtle flavors. A large number of your home steakhouse experiences will involve the grill, though not all. Here are some basic preparation tips for the meat..

Take your time

Let the meat rise to room temperature when you remove it from the refrigerator.

Size matters

The nature of your steak, very much like at a steakhouse restaurant, will affect how long and how you should cook it. Thicker marbled steaks will take longer than thin lean steaks. A great way to know if you are overcooking is a digital meat thermometer.

Salt n Pepa

Season the meat with salt and pepper before cooking.

2 is better than one

As a general rule the steakhouse way of searing at high temperature and then cooking slowly once the meat is seared will translate to a grill or a pan. Make sure to use a two burner gas grill, one burner on high heat the other on low. No this will not be like a steakhouse exactly but it is a good method to try and sear in juices in the meat.

More Tips From Fireside Chophouse Steakhouse

These are by no means every tip. These are just a starting point. In the meantime check out our other articles on steakhouse methods, selecting the right cut of steak, as well as overall direction for its preparation.

What makes a great steakhouse

Choosing the right cut

The filet mignon

The importance of Marbling


Our Location

Temperature Is Another Key To Making The Best Steak in Williamsburg, Virginia

August 23, 2016Read More

When Williamsburg Virginia locals or visitors want a great steak they know to look for a restaurant that specializes in Steak. Naturally Fireside Chophouse is at the top of the list. Cooking a steak is as much a culinary art as any other type of food or preparation style. If done right, it can produce a heavenly steak. You know what I mean by heavenly steak, one where the grill marks are perfect, the aroma starts to tease you when the plate hits the table and the taste is juicy and flavorful.

A question we often get, is how do you know if you have a great steak. I mean you may be at williamsburg_steak_restaurant_locationhome without the tools and techniques of a professional steakhouse. As I mentioned in a previous post, the cut of meat is the start. If you are not dealing with quality beef, it is a steep uphill climb to steakhouse quality.

After cut, a key thing to consider in making a great steak is to make sure it gets seared at high temperature. This just means using a high temperature to crisp the outside of the steak and lock in the juices. Heat is the wall that guards those juices and flavor. If these run off the incredible aromas and flavors go with it.

It is the first step. While there are differences on the best steak seasoning, the best wine pairing, I doubt you will see to many steak houses where the master chef does not say to sear the steak at high temperature.


How Hot Is “High Temperature”top_steak_in_williamsburg,_virginia


Attention Do not try this at home


You know that visceral image we all have of a grill flaming up or the fireball effect when someone opens up the grill top. Well the temperature of the commercial ovens makes that look like a match flicker. Unless you are going to purchase one of these for thousands of dollars, the incredible level of heat you need to sear a steak is out of reach. And it would be dangerous to try without proper training or the right equipment. Plus on a humorous note, where would you put it. It would take up your whole kitchen.

Some of these ovens reach in excess of 1800 degrees. Man that is hot. You do not want to attempt to get to that temperature without steakhouse equipment and resources like we have here in our Williamsburg location.


But Use These Techniques


When you see steak or steakhouse recipes, whether here in Williamsburg, or abroad, they are going to start with searing. The key is to use the temperatures associated with searing to lock in those natural steak juices. If the juices run out, all the aging and seasoning in the world won’t save it from becoming a dry tasteless hunk of meat. Because restaurant searing is not practical for the home user, many use the pan as their choice to do a less intense version of this. Another option is the sear burner.

The Sear Burner

Some grills have a sear burner which will allow you to sear the meat at high temperature. I have seen some use it directly on the grates this way. I have seen others use a pan on the burner.

Searing Steak In Action

Speaking of heat, I pulled a clip of TV Chef Gordon Ramsey searing a steak in the pan. It is a good starting point. If you disagree…you can argue with him, I’m not.


And don’t forgot our last key article about how to get the right cut of beef to enjoy the best steak

You can visit the article here