5 Star Steakhouse

September 7, 2018Read More

Top Steakhouse According To Trip Advisor

It is one of the highest awards you can win as a steakhouse. When a steakhouse or restaurant, here in Williamsburg, Virginia or any place that receives ALL 5 star reviews in a single month, they get a notification from Trip Advisor about the achievement. So when we received notification that we had accomplished this we had to publish it online. Here is what we received.

All 5 Star Reviews On Trip Advisor For An Entire Month

Well a Thank you to every one who visited our Williamsburg Steakhouse and took the time to say how much you loved it. We appreciate it you noticing how much we care to be the best in everything we do. We do not cut corners and we are elated you noticed. We pulled some of the comments for this perfect month at our steakhouse. Here are some of the highlights:

  • “The food is delicious. The timing of the courses was perfect”


  • “Fireside is a great place for some outstanding beef, seafood and service.”


  • “We came to Fireside Chophouse for a causal night out. Our server Keron was personable and provided excellent service. The food was amazing.”


  • “This place had great food at reasonable prices. It was upscale from the chain restaurants and ready to meet most any request.”


  • “Everything was excellent …. food choices were plentiful, everyone enjoyed their choice … calamari & french onion soup appetizers, crab stuffed shrimp, prime rib, broiled scallops, roasted chicken, strip sirloin, crab cakes, even penne pasta for kids”


  • “Overall our experience here was amazing.”


  • “We had an absolutely WONDERFUL time at Fireside!! Amazing food and service!!!”

award steakhouse

Thank you!

Wow. We are floored and grateful for all the kind words. We loved having you and cannot wait for you to return. Whether you are local visiting us on a regular basis or a visitor to Colonial Williamsburg, we strive to give an excellent experience each and every time you visit.steak house

Steak With The Right Beer

November 20, 2017Read More

steakhouse_in_williamsburgYour sitting down with that perfect steak. Whether at our Williamsburg steakhouse or at home, you are not going to eat that steak alone. You will have certain sides and of course the right beverage. Naturally you are there to enjoy the flavor of that meat. Whether a charcoal grilled ribeye or a heavily seasoned sirloin, you want things that complement it, not detract from it. A beverage is going to follow every bite, or at least every other bite. Something with a flavor that does not jell with beef is going to taint the taste.

We cannot let that happen

Pairing the right beer with the right cut of steak is not rocket science, but it is important. Naturally though, it all comes down to what you like in your steak beer flavor duo. The focus should be on balancing the flavor of the steak. This in mind, there are some things to consider.

Steak Is Bursting With..

Steak, especially great steak like that served here at our steakhouse in Williamsburg, is very hearty. Steak is thick and rich in flavor. The fibrous nature of steaks absorbs flavor like a sponge absorbs water. Smoke, salt, butter, oil, seasoning, and fats are all weaving a dense fabric of potent flavor. There is no light, non-filling, or dainty food here and..No wimpy beer is going to penetrate the flavor of  steak.

You Had “Bitter” Balance The Taste Of That Steak

A school of thought was to go with a beer that had some bitterness. A beer with strong flavor like a porter or dark ale might be the go to beer. These darker beers help to balance out the heavily fat nature of the steak. This would be especially true in a more marbled piece of meat like a porterhouse or ribeye.

beer and steak

Your Steak Palette

Regardless it comes down to what you like. I have seen plenty of people who will order a type of beer with anything..and be happy.

Steak Domination.. Not A Bad Thing

Another thing to consider is that the star of the steakhouse meal is STEAK. You are not going to subjugate that taste and you wouldn’t want to. It is a heavy dish with massive amounts of flavor.

Back To The Steakhouse

So when you are looking for a great steak come visit us at the Fireside Chophouse. You can pair it with wine, beer, or anything you want. Check out our menu


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