Steakhouse Tips From The Chefs

Before I begin I will preface this article with the disclaimer that all the steakhouse tips you read, whether in Williamsburg, Virginia or beyond, have a limitation. You have to actually use them. This may seem simple but it is even simpler to have our master chefs prepare your steak at our Williamsburg Virginia Steakhouse. Nevertheless, knowledge is power. You may find yourself in the kitchen or on the grill and need wisdom. Thus I am putting together a few simple tips.

Steak Tips From Other Chefs

Who better to get a wide sampling of steakhouse how to than from other celebrity chefs. I personally believe every steakhouse or griller has their tricks but it is always interesting to pick up a few pointers. So here are some tips to add to your steak cooking repertoire.

celebrity chefs and steak

The Steakhouse Chef: Michael Symon

Symon is co host of the chew and owns a steakhouse in Cleveland. Here is a fast breakdown of his pointers which are:

  • Aged beef is the way to go..his are aged between 24 to 30 days
  • Use USDA Prime Beef
  • Grill over charcoal to impart flavor

Our Thoughts: Always use the best aged beef..Prime is the way to go

celebrity chefs and steak

More Celebrity Steak Tips From Michael Chernow

Chernow owns restaurants in New York City. Here are a few of his thoughts:

  • Salt that steak when taking it from the fridge and he means a lot of salt
  • Drop the steak in a pan with high heat and olive oil

Our Thoughts: Simple but effective, sear the steak first to lock in those juices

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