Steakhouse Health Benefits

You generally do not see a lot of ads by steakhouses or steak restaurants, here in Williamsburg Virginia or otherwise, focusing on advertising the health benefits of a red meat or a steakhouse. Not that great steakhouses don’t offer ultra fresh, nourishing farm to table steaks, seafood, side dishes, and more, but people seem to think that steakhouses are only about indulgent delicious food. My answer to this oversimplification about a great steak restaurant is…

What is wrong with that?

All kidding aside I have read that steak is healthy and is filled with numerous positive health benefits. No I am not saying it is a health food. No there is no steakhouse diet where you can eat steakhouse food 7 days a week. No you should not eat red meat at every meal. Do I wish there WAS a diet like that? Oh Yeah I do. But one can only dream.

What I am saying, based on the article, is there are plenty of good things about that steak or red meat as part of a balanced diet. Some of the benefits of red meat are vitally important to good health and are worth consideration

High in Protein

If you live in America and are from Earth you probably have heard that red meat is very high in protein. And guess what, you are right. Protein at one time was seen as the most important thing to health. Then in the late seventies and eighties protein was viewed as bad and carbs were good as we tried to reduce our cholesterol. Then that changed again.

Now we know we need to eat protein to:

  • Build muscle
  • Regulate appetite
  • Repair tissue
  • Have steady energy
  • Add iron to our body
  • Add zinc to our body

And even though this is not an official health reason a nice piece of meat can keep you from what I call diet hallucinations.. in when all you do is pine for high calorie food and think back to all the great bad food you used to eat. (Just for your reference, this particular pseudo benefit was not in the article).

It is winter 2018. It is a time of New Year’s resolutions, half of which pertain to diets, dieting, exercise, healthy eating and other culinary subjects that seem to resolve around human misery. In this need to be healthy and thin we do not have to completely abandon everything with taste. We should strive for moderation.

In my case maybe choose the Fireside Chophouse Filet Mignon instead of a 48 ounce Porterhouse with a fully loaded potato. Both are good. But a little moderation might help. Good Luck with your health resolutions…see you at Fireside Chophouse for a double ribeye steak, loaded potato with two layers of bacon shoved between the sour cream and cheese, and a demure piece of dessert!



The Health Benefits of Eating Red Meat

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