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How To Ensure Your Steak Is Perfectly Cooked, Every Time

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I, personally, prefer to grill strip steaks over other cuts because you get a nice combination of fat and meat for a great flavor. For tougher cuts, like skirt or flank steaks, marinate the meat in the refrigerator for 2 to 4 hours before grilling. Given the differences between grills, cooking surfaces, and cuts of steak, there aren’t specific cook times for grilling steak. You can invest in a digital meat thermometer for an accurate temperature — the CDC recommends heating to an internal temperature of 145 F for whole cuts of beef. I’ve also been grilling porterhouse lately, just because it’s a large cut and you get two portions out of one cutlet (perfect for date-night!)

At least 40 minutes before grilling, season your steak with salt to make it tender. If you have a natural-burning barbecue, assemble the coals on one half of the grill for a hot and cool side. Grill time will depend on the thickness of your steak and how well you like your steak cooked. If you like your steak medium rare than sear the outside on medium heat and move it to a cooler part of the grill to finish, or lower the lid. Remove from the grill when a digital meat thermometer reads 135 degrees for medium-rare or 140 degrees for medium. To grill the juiciest possible steak, begin with a thick cut of meat to get a crispy outside and pink center. Remember, cross-hatch’s do not matter for a quality steak. I like to baste my steak in butter when it’s reaching that 130 degree mark. I find it is best when the grilling surface temperature exceeds 500 degrees.

I said earlier that picking the right cut of steak is the most important step, but the second most important step is to cook it perfectly. Celebrate the natural flavors of beef with these thick rib-eyes that are rubbed with butter and steak seasoning and grilled to a perfect medium-rare. To complete your perfectly cooked steak, allow it to rest for a few minutes to seal in the juices. Sign up for our mailing list and we’ll send you “show-stopper” grilling ideas and recipes to make your cookouts the talk of the town. You can also come in to try out our Steakhouse Salad — a healthy option that includes heart-friendly, grass-fed beef.

Williamsburg Steakhouse Tips: Let The Steak Sit

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One of the most important steps we take at our Williamsburg Steakhouse is to make sure your ribeye, filet mignon, or porterhouse have to sit after they come away from the heat. You wouldn’t think that would be that big a deal when weighed against all the steps our Williamsburg Steakhouse takes to make sure the steak you order is of the highest quality. But it is.

A Great Steakhouse Is About Details

As I have mentioned many times before, our Williamsburg Steakhouse is about details. A great Williamsburg steakhouse focuses on the craft of serving an incredible steak. This is the product of detail after detail which all have to be completed to ensure you receive the best steak. From selecting the right grade of beef, aging it for flavor, choosing the right cut, making sure the meat is at the proper temperature before cooking, searing the steak at high temperature and then letting it cook slowly to keep it tender, you would think that would be enough to guarantee a great steak. But there is another detail you cannot forget.

Let The Steak Sit After Cooking

With any source of heat going into a piece of food remember that the energy does not instantly leave a piece of food when it is removed from the pan, oven, or grill. The heat transferred into the steak has to dissipate and if it happens to fast, it can mean the flavor of the steak can suffer.

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So Why Is Waiting So Important To Steak?

A great steakhouse knows you have to let the steak sit before it goes to our Williamsburg Dining area. When the steak is pulled from the heat, it will continue to cook. Letting the steak sit will allow the heat to slowly dissipate through the steak. If you cut into the meat right after it leaves the heat, a lot of the moisture and tenderness can be gone since the heat will just escape, taking the moisture with it. That means all the work and care that went into to getting you that perfectly seared, perfectly dry aged ribeye or porterhouse was for nothing.

Come Try For Yourself At Our Williamsburg Steakhouse

You would think that after procuring the finest grade of beef, aging it for days, tenderizing it, searing it, and cooking it nice and slow that the steak would be ready to be served. Unfortunately, that is not the case. A great steakhouse chef, whether here in Williamsburg, or anywhere else, knows you need to let the steak rest when it has finished cooking.

What This Means To Us Sitting Down At Fireside Steakhouse In Williamsburg.

There are a couple of ways you can look at this. I have described it very scientifically, showing that the heat transfer has to be accounted for after your porterhouse or filet mignon is done cooking. But what it really comes down to is that your steak at Fireside will be juicier because we make sure not to serve it before the moisture returns to the meat.

Let Our Williamsburg Steakhouse Worry About This For You

Another way to look at it is to not worry about it all. Let Fireside Steakhouse take care of all this for you. We will go through all the steps of preparing a great steak so you will not have to.

Williamsburg Steakhouse Tips: Cooking Steak At The Right Temperature

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To a steakhouse, including our steakhouse in Williamsburg Virginia, the small details make a big difference. Naturally there are times when you are cooking steak at home but you may not always have steakhouse quality beef. Outside of the confines of steakhouses like Fireside, you will also be without an oven that reaches the temperatures necessary to effectively sear gourmet meat. That being said there are things you can do to improve those meals where you are making steak yourself at home or on the grill.

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Steakhouse Tips

Put in steakhouse tips or steakhouse grilling tips into the Google search box and you will be inundated with results. Steakhouse tip after tip will pop up and offer instructions on just about every element involved with preparing a great steak. Great steak is the culmination of a lot of little details that make a huge difference. One tip you may see very high on the list is the importance of not taking steak right from the refrigerator to the grill.

Steakhouse Tip: Avoid This Steak Mistake

Many steakhouse chefs consider this a major mistake in preparing steak. The rationale behind this is justified. For many non steak chefs it seems like a simple oversight but it can have a detrimental impact on that steak you are about to cook.

I have seen articles that are contrary to this. They say it does not matter, or the impact of the temperature difference between the inner area and outer area of the meat is minuscule. I say why take that chance. Maybe you have one of those refrigerators that is colder than it should be, leaving the inside of that tenderloin much colder than you realize.

Steakhouse Williamsburg Tips

Let The Steak Reach Room Temperature

Be on the safe side and make sure that steak is one consistent temperature before you grill it. You do not want the meat heating up unevenly on the grill. And on the off chance that you miscalculated the difference in the temperature throughout the meat, this is a great fail safe. I think that is why a lot of the steakhouse chefs mention this as a thing to look out for when grilling at home.

Come Visit Our Steakhouse And Don’t Worry About The Temperature At All

You can eliminate worry about meat temperature altogether by letting Fireside do all the work. Come to our Williamsburg Steakhouse for an incredible steak, cooked just the way you like, without any hassle.

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Due to Covid-19, as many others had have to do, we have had to alter the way we do business until our state is officially back open for business. For now, we will offer a limited menu that you see below. You can dine-in, or order for pickup.

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The Ultimate Williamsburg Steakhouse

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 family_steakhouse_williamsburgYour on vacation in Williamsburg and your looking for that incredible steakhouse to top off your day of non stop sights and sounds. After traveling through six countries at Busch Gardens or interacting with the living history at Colonial Williamsburg its time for a visit to a top notch steakhouse.

Making That Ultimate Steak in Williamsburg

As a top notch steakhouse (and purveyor of incredible prime rib) I have heard of many formulas to grill the juiciest, most delicious cut of meat possible. While I cannot ever give away the Fireside Steakhouse’s formula for an incredible piece of steak, I can show you some of the techniques of gourmet steakhouses.

Steakhouse Basics

Any great steakhouse, whether in Williamsburg Virginia, or in the greater United States, will tell you the basics of a great steak is the quality and cut of meat. Starting with best cut of the best beef is the foundation for that steak you cannot wait to bite into.  On top of that, the cut of beef, or specific portions of that meat, will give you the best steak in terms of taste.


The Best Beef

This steak needs no words. Sizzling and juicy with perfect grill marks, come visit us at Fireside Chophouse for the ultimate steak or prime rib. Come visit us in Williamsburg and make sure you eat light that day, your going to need the space.

Prime Time

The USDA has a grading system. The top 2% of all beef gets the label of prime. This is the most expensive and the most sought after.

Fat Marbling

Fat Marbling is generally not a good thing…except when it comes to steak. In this case its the standard by which all other wanna be steaks hope to attain. Great steaks that are considered prime have a generous amount of fat speckled through the meat. Without this, the flavor will be lacking.

Dry Aged

The heavily marbled beef must be dry aged for a number of days. The flavor and aroma that you know as a “great steak” depends on this process. If done properly, time is your friend with dry aged steak. It helps the steak become more tender.

The Best Cuts of Beef

Now take that dry aged marbled steak and get ready to pull out the best, most flavorful part. This is not to say that other parts cuts of beef are not good, these are just the best. The cuts of beef that fit this bill are:steak_in colonial_williamsburg

  • Filet Mignon
  • T Bone
  • Ribeye
  • Porterhouse
  • Tenderloin
  • Prime Rib

This is just step one

There is a lot more than just selecting the best grade and cut of beef. A great steak must be seasoned and cooked properly to ensure that it is mouth watering. Luckily Fireside Chophouse has that covered. We carry the best cuts of meat and are just waiting for you to come visit.

Check out our menu and come enjoy an incredible steak for yourself!!