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Grilling Tips

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Burger Grilling Tips From Gordon Ramsey

He is mean, terse, but man can he cook. If you are a burger griller, backyard aficiando, or just love the grill this is worth 9 minutes to up your grilling game. Enjoy..


Is Father’s Day Clouded By The Smell Of A1 Scented Candles..

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Dad Wants The Steak..

There is nothing more manly for Dad’s big day than a big juicy steak. Many have said Father’s Day is enhanced by the aroma, texture, and flavor of prime steak. In the hands of a journeymen steakhouse like Williamsburg’s Fireside Chophouse it becomes beef nirvana. That is why I have some reservations about this cheeky Father’s Day gift I have so online. The A1 scented candle.

Though amusing and eye catching the novelty falls short of the excellence we want to associate with Father’s Day. Father’s Day is about that genuine great goodness that is our patriarch. While I know many like and use A-1 on their beef, it is not something I would want to enjoy as a refreshing candle smell to invokes manliness.

Steak Seasoning Candles Or The Scent Of Mediocrity

Let us be honest. While A1 is popular with many people, in many cases fathers day gift williamsburgit is the taste of failure. It is a bottled potion of pre-made bottled flavors to mask beef that kinda fell short. Not in every case, but many. It is like a parachute of flavorings for that dinner that just can’t soar to the heights of great taste.

The Wrong Message To Dad

This is not a message I want to send to Dad. It is almost like you are saying he falls short. As the summer progresses and the lights go out due to the next lightning storm he will reach for a candle. Once he lights the smell of strained tomatoes and common seasonings the smell of falling short will go through the house.

Not on my watch..

Give Dad The Real Thing…At Our Steakhouse

Skip the middleman and bring Dad in for a real steak at Fireside Chophouse of Williamsburg. If he wants A1 sauce, great…just no candle.

Fathers Day In Williamsburg

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Fathers Day In Williamsburg: Choosing The Right Steak

fathers day steakhouse

I know every Father is different. But as a man, and a father I can tell you what I want for my Father’s day meal, or any meal really….




One word is all you need to know. Grill it, pan fry it or better yet, take me to the steakhouse. I know that every Dad picks out which steak he wants once he gets the menu but I have always wondered if Dad’s personality shined through in terms of which steak or entrée he chooses. I mean what if we matched the personalities with the steak. Here are some humor inspired possible Father’s Day personality matches:

Prime Rib For The Patient Dad

Prime rib is a classic dish that requires patience. It take hours to cook and you cannot rush it. It also takes a Fathers day where to eatwhile to eat as it is a large piece of meat. So if you have one of those quiet patient Fathers, this is the perfect match.

Filet Mignon For The Physically Fit Or Athletic Dad

The Filet Mignon is a classic steak. It is also lean. It is not fatty. It is just pure delicious protein. If health is important to Dad, this is the way to go. It also is the perfect portion control size.

NY Strip For The Quality Seeking Dad

The NY Strip is the king of steaks. Named for the cultural capital of the United States it combines the perfect size cut of beet which is perfectly marbled. If Dad is meticulous or a quality seeker, this is the ticket.

The Porterhouse For The Hearty Larger Than Life Dad

Big, delicious, and hearty are just a few of the adjectives to describe the Porterhouse. It is the Big Daddy of the steak world. It essentially is a New York Strip and Filet Mignon in one. So it is not for the shy and retiring parent or a man with a small appetite.

Steak au Poivre For The Adventurous Dad

This steak is a taste adventure. You start with a lean sirloin and then add an ultra rich sauce with peppercorns. It is a taste explosion and not for someone looking for a traditional sirloin.

williamsburg restaurant fathers day

Come Join Us For Father’s Day

Fireside Chophouse is the perfect steakhouse restaurant for any Father or any steak. We are located in Williamsburg, Virginia and am conveniently located near everything including Busch Gardens and Colonial Williamsburg.

The Origins Of Father’s Day

Ever wonder about the official origins of Father’s Day? Here is a clip with a short history: