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Steak Williamsburg And The Importance of Marbling

March 20, 2017Read More

As a Williamsburg steakhouse we have served steak for over 50 years in Williamsburg. In this time we have learned the nuances of what makes great steak. One thing that makes a superb steak is something called marbling. Marbling is the official term for those little white streaks that you see throughout an uncooked piece of  steak. Those streaks add a little bit of fat to the steak and because of that they offer two incredible benefits that help make any cut of beef or steak taste great.

williamsburg steakhouse tips marbling

Steak: Marbling Means Moisture

One of marbling’s primary benefits is that it adds moisture to your steak or prime rib. Those streaks of fat help lock in moisture. They add a coating of sorts, trapping it in the meat. This is what helps to make that steak tender and keep it from drying out. If you have ever had dry unpalatable steak there is a strong chance it was not marbled. Likewise a large number of great steaks probably have some marbling.

Fat is flavor. These  thin marbled streaks als0 carry flavor. Fat transmits to our taste buds very easily. So when someone says they want that unique steakhouse taste they certainly are thinking about the scrumptious effects of marbling.

Great steak flavor in a Williamsburg restaurant

williamsburg steakhouse well marbled meat

How big is Marbling?

People come to the Fireside chophouse for great steak in Williamsburg Virginia They are thinking about a cut of steak that has an incredible aroma and flavor. And that comes down to a prime piece of meat that is well marbled. Marbling is an official term by the USDA. Steaks with the most marbling are considered prime which means it is the best steak you can get. Steaks with a little bit of fat or Marbling are considered choice and if there’s no marbling it’s considered select. Not to say that there’s anything wrong with a lean piece of meat, but a great steakhouse knows those little streaks of fat are critical to great taste. The government also has different degrees of marbling which can get very specific but the key is to try to make sure that you have Marbling at all.

Williamsburg’s best choice for steak

Find out why people come visit us week after week month after month in Williamsburg,Virginia. For over 50 years with serve steak that is been marbled beautifully and cooked to perfection. We also can help you pair the best craft beer or wine to balance the flavor of the meat perfectly.


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Best Steakhouse in Williamsburg


Best Steak Restaurant In Williamsburg

March 14, 2017Read More

The Best Steak is a matter of opinion, as long as that opinion is in line with what I put as the criteria for the best steak (just kidding…maybe). To say that this steak is the best, whether here in Williamsburg, the Peninsula, or the Southside, is a little general. I mean there are seemingly endless numbers of different cuts of beef. Even in what is considered the tenderest cut of meat you can buy, you have the Porterhouse,New York Strip, Rib Eye, Filet Mignon,Delmonico, T Bone, and of course, the delectable prime rib. One of these would have to be the “best” and I cannot choose.

The Best Steak Restaurant..Why choose at all

Why choose at all. You know when you are at a great steak restaurant like Williamsburg’s Fireside Chophouse the baseline of elite steak quality has been maintained. The highest grade prime beef, aged to perfection with just the right amount of marbling awaits you. So when you pick up the menu which one of the great steaks do you pick. There is a solution.

williamsburg steakhouseA Great Steak Lover Can Always Choose The Porterhouse

The Porterhouse is the steak lovers dream steak. The name does not always invoke the prestige of the filet mignon, or the name recognition of the New York Strip or ribeye. It sounds almost like it would be at the same level as ground chuck or sirloin with a utilitarian name like Porterhouse. But nothing could be farther from the truth.

The Porterhouse combines the filet Mignon with the juicy ribeye into one mega incredible piece of beef. So with this choice you essentially have ordered three of the great signature steaks in one massive piece. That means of the seven different cuts of beef I mentioned above, you can pick three with this one choice…wow.

So regardless of where you are in the selection of the best steak restaurant, you can choose about half of the best restaurant cuts of steak with this one item. So this could make a strong, though not complete, argument that the best steak restaurant choice might be the Porterhouse.

Prime RibAll The Steaks Are Great At The Best Steak Restaurant

The Porterhouse is a super choice and should receive top billing at any steakhouse or steak restaurant. But it is a mammoth piece of beef. You may want to be able to walk out of the restaurant without being filled to the brim. Thus the filet or ribeye might be the ideal choice.

Or Ask Our Staff At Fireside Chophouse Steak Restaurant

We are experts in steak. Ask us about the different cuts and we can pair you up with the right cut for your appetite. We are convinced once you try it that you will choose Fireside Chophouse as the best steak restaurant in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Steak And The Right Wine Pairing In Williamsburg

March 5, 2017Read More

As a Williamsburg steakhouse serving the finest cuts of steak in Colonial Williamsburg and the general Williamsburg Virginia area, one of the biggest questions that comes up is what is the best wine to pair with our gourmet steak and prime rib. And it is the perfect question to ask considering that Virginia has some of the finest wines that you can get anywhere. Many of which have won awards. Regardless you still want to make sure the wine flavor complements the steak you have ordered. Change the fact that certain ones go better with certain types of dishes or steaks prime rib etc.

wine steak pairing Williamsburg VirginiaA Simple Williamsburg Steak Restaurant Wine Pairing Trick

Naturally the ultimate way to pair steak in Williamsburg would be to have a Sommelier with you. That is not always practical, though there are some great ones here. LIkewise here is a very crude but simple system to help you pair wine with red meat while you are here in the Colonial Capital of America. It is not precise but represents a simple system to use as a guideline.

Red Meat, Steak, Filets,Prime Rib, Ribeyes,And Other Cuts Of Meat Are Hearty Foods

No shock here but steaks, filets, ribeyes, and other cuts of red meat are very hearty. The wine has to be robust enough to counter this heartiness. Thus an appropriate choice is going to come from the red family. Now, the richness of the steak will determine how robust the red should be. Here is a baseline to follow:

  • Lean steak with little or no marbling: Choose a lighter red wine
    • A good example of this would be a sirloin that is lower fat than other cuts.
  • Heavily marbled steak: Choose a heavier richer red wine
    • A good example would be Prime Rib or a Rib Eye

One final Caveat: At A Premium Williamsburg Steakhouse Like Fireside Chophouse..err on the side of the robust with our steak

Many of our most popular cuts of meat are Prime steak that is heavily marbled. You are going to need a rich sophisticated red wine to balance that flavor(oh and what a flavor it is). Here are a few that come to mind as possible choices:

  • Malbec
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot
  • Burgundy


wine_with_steak_williamsburg_virginiaOr Leave The Wine Pairing To Us

Not sure ask us at Fireside Chophouse. We have had over 50 years of preparing the finest quality beef, pairing it with the finest quality drinks and wine and we will do the same for you when you come visit us anytime. After multiple decades you get very good at knowing what is the best parent with the best meat. It is an art form good wind really enhance that flavor. Conversely a bad wine could hurt the flavor of the meat that’s not what you want you’re there to enjoy a delicious perfectly balanced meal at her in terms of flavor.

No you don’t just have to get red meat to get a great wine pairing. We also have chicken, crab legs, and other dishes. And we compare those two with a white or red wine as necessary. Just askCrude but simple system. Not precise but a good rule of thumb

For a Williamsburg Steak think bold red.

For a delicious Williamsburg steak and one of the finest most experienced Williamsburg steak houses come visit us at the fireside chophouse on Richmond Road. We have more experience any chain or any other restaurant tour and preparing great beef.